Skin Super Food: Benefits of Shea Butter

Skin Super Food: Benefits of Shea Butter

This creamy, rich superfood cones from the nuts of the Shea Tree and is packed with Vitamin A, E, and F!

Originally used by women in Africa to keep their skin supple, moisturized, and healthy, it is now most popular as the base in almost every skincare line due to the many benefits it can provide to your skin.


Shea Butter instantly melts at the temperature of your body heat and absorbs into the skin, even before being rubbed in. Dryness causes skin to peel, flake and itch. Shea Butter contains a natural amount of fatty acids which help to immediately soothe the irritation providing quick relief! For example, those who suffer from cracked elbows, feet or knees would really benefit from rubbing a generous amount in overnight so that the butter can soak into the deepest layers of your skin.

Natural Treatment for Skin Disorders

This super creamy moisturizer can help with the symptoms of and not limited to eczema, sub burn, razor burn, psoriasis, and dermatitis and many more! I personally use my Unscented Shea Whipped Body Butter on the 8 month old baby’s back. She has suffered from cradle cap and eczema since she was about 4 months old. I can honestly say it has worked wonders and has been an amazing experience witnessing how magical this butter is!


One of the most impactful reasons why our skin ages is due to dehydration. Those who have more of an oily skin texture (guilty) will form fine lines and wrinkles at a slower rate than those who have a dry skin texture. The natural moisturizing and collagen boosting capabilities of Shea Butter naturally hydrated and improves skin elasticity over time which is perfect for both skin types!

Helps to Naturally Fade Scars and Stretch Marks

I’m sure more than enough of use can relate to stubborn stretch marks or unpleasant dark scars. Whether your stretch marks come from pregnancy, weight gain or your scars are from when you were a child. Shea Butter naturally improves the elasticity of the skin, therefore preventing further damage to the skin. It is actually the base ingredient for many scar and stretch mark treatments around the world!

UV Protection

Now, I recommend to always wear sunscreen with SPF however, on those days where you may forget to apply or just would like to go with a more natural option, Shea Butter is the way to go! Shea Butter contains cinnamic acid which is a compound that poriges UV protection and it’s SPF usually ranges from 6-10 depending on the quality of the butter. This level of SPF works best on small children with sensitive skin or adults suffering from a sunburn. When applied immediately after excessive sun exposure it can soothe irritation!

Which to Choose

Now that you know just a few of the many benefits of Shea Butter, I just want to let you in on a few more details. There are SO MANY types of Shea Butter to choose from. I recommend that you look for products are labeled raw, unrefined, unbleached, organic or grade A, like my AMC Shea Butter! 

Also, look for products labeled “Fair Trade” (mine is), and know that you your purchase is helping a hardworking community! For example, I purchase the Shea Butter for my business from a small hardworking village of women in Ghana. If you look out for these simple indicators, you will receive the purest and highest quality Shea Butter.

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